Monday, 8 June 2015

A Bass at Last!

On the few occasions I have gotten out and targeted Bass this year I haven't had any success, I must confess to being very unmotivated where they are concerned.
Sods law would have it though that yesterday I went out to try for Garfish and ended up with a Bass! I hooked another right after which was a better size but somehow it escaped with the rear hook of my Metalmaru! First time that has ever happened to me on any lure.

I sort of counted myself lucky to be honest as it was a very bright afternoon and not the best conditions for Bass at all, the one thing I did have in my favour was there was a decent wind in my face which tends to push the bait close to shore.
Hopefully next time they'll be a bit bigger.

In other news, I am ever so slightly addicted at designing and making stuff lately. I revisited my Slater and refined the design some and added a variant.

I have also been learning to tie micro assists for my light game jigs, I'm a slow learner though and all fingers and thumbs when it comes to miniature things, I'm getting there though.

Next will be having a go at making jigs I think, we'll see how that goes.

Tight lines for now.