Thursday, 15 October 2015

Going through the motions

It was a beautiful sunny day here today and it would have been a crime not to go fishing really, so I headed up to the North Peninsula.
I arrived just bang on high water and decided on a spot that is pretty consistent and initially started fishing soft plastics OTD. I had one Pollock but it was becoming clear the fish were being very finicky indeed.
I had really hoped to catch some Wrasse but they really didn't seem to want to play ball at all today and after persevering for a while I started to fish metals.

It really seems as though metals have out-fished other lures for me this year, ever since my masterclass in Jigs with Angelo back in Madeira.
I sadly lost my Jazz Vibe bait early on so used the Hart RSF Mebaru Blade for a while, it has been a pretty good lure for me this year, the only complaint I have is the hooks tend to get caught up on the tail a lot especially when it gets hit by a fish. I did catch some Mackerel and Pollock on it before changing to jigs though.

The amount of times the lure got hit but no hookups became frustrating though and I therefore changed to a HTO shore jig rigged with my own assists, the Pollock certainly liked that and I had a fair few.

Thing was I really started to feel a bit bored, it was all a bit "samey samey" so I decided on a move to a gully which usually hold some Wrasse action. I don't know what the deal was today but the Wrasse just didn't want to know, I tried my best Wrasse lures and aside from the very occasional tail pull I could get no committals, just more Pollock.

In the end I just thought "to hell with it" and decided just to focus on the fish that wanted to play. I moved again to a new spot for me, good deep water on the edge of a slight rip.
Again the fish preferring jigs to softs I bagged up on Mackerel and Pollock.

Although the fishing was fun at times, I did feel as though I was just going through the motions a lot too and was kinda glad to go home. I think I need some new challenges in my fishing and also feel I need to fish for Bass a bit more next year, hopefully I will get my transport situation sorted so I can also mix things up a bit species wise. I don't do too badly and I am fortunate to live by the coast, but things have just seemed too repetitive lately.

Anyways something to think on for me.

Tight lines