Sunday, 11 October 2015

Light Game Hirame shiz

I haven't fished local marks much this year mainly because I have found an aversion to wading and indeed as I sit here writing this I still have a slightly moist crotch, what is it with waders and not lasting a season?

Well as you may have now guessed I have been on my local beach, which was characteristically slow to start. I had been fishing soft plastic lures in the hope of a Turbot which incidentally do not seem to be as prevalent these days, things were not really happening though. I switched through some lures before putting on my Jazz vibe bait.
My friend Yoji Sato actually uses these to good effect when fish are feeding on crabs among structure, I wondered what I could turn over the sand. Well there wasn't a massive surprise when I started catching Weever ten to the dozen.

I carried on catching these nasty little blighters before moving north and finding a nice rip in the sea.
Using short twitches and lifts before hitting the bed, I got a take. At first I thought "another bloody Weever" before the fish tore off taking some line on the way! Well to my surprise I had a Flounder on and soon banked! 

Its the first time I have caught a Flounder on a metal so I was pleased to say the least and maybe there is some milage for this type of bait when fish are feeding on small crab, after all that is what Flounder tend to like! Then again maybe I should not have been quite so surprised at this capture, for the Japanese use vibes for their Hirame fishing a lot, just not a connection I had made before today.
Food for thought and another piece in the puzzle surrounding fish behaviour maybe?!

Shortly after this surprise capture the Mackerel turned up and I had some fun with those for a short time before heading home. A nice relaxed wee session anyhow.

Tight lines