Monday, 2 November 2015

Hardly Setting the World Alight!

I have recently at the age of 38 passed my driving test, sure its long overdue but I'm always late to the party, I'm hoping it eventually makes my fishing a little better and a little more varied.

So I poached the car off of the wife for the last two days and took a spin out to Pwllheli yesterday and Porth Ysgaden today.
There wasn't much to report about yesterday at all, I caught two small Pollock while my fishing buddy Kev blanked! To be fair the conditions were less than perfect as we were fishing a Bass mark really and in bright sunshine, you wouldn't believe its November and T-shirt weather.

I initially wanted to head out today to fish at first light but, being a lazy bugger I missed my alarm and settled for early morning. Although the weather was quite bright here in Harlech, the North Peninsula was misty indeed.
The rocks were slippery being dew soaked and covered in lichen, I nearly went breast over buttocks a few times, thankfully as the sun emerged things got less treacherous.

I started fishing with a green Sawamura 2" One Up Shad and though bites were not thick and fast, they were there and I managed some Wrasse.

I'm rather glad I was using my BlueCurrent 76/TZ and not my Breaden as these fish would have barely put a bend in the GRF, still they all count right?!

I moved around a bit and tried various methods, loosing one decent fish and my Hart RSF Mebaru blade in the process, but for some reason other larger fish proved hard to find which was a bit disappointing, I'm positive they were there as I had lost one already, I guess they just weren't in the mood.
I picked up some really small Pollock as well as more small Wrasse but as the title says, "it was hardly setting the world alight!"

Well about 13:30-14:00 I got bored and decided to head off, initially I intended to fish somewhere else but I just went for a drive instead, I figured there is always another day!
To be honest I wouldn't have said it was a bad day anyway, the weather was nice and its better to be on the rocks than at work any-day and Porth Ysgaden didn't half look beautiful today, check the water clarity!

I shall see if I can poach the car again Thursday and fish another venue, lets hope this weather holds out, well actually, a little overcast wouldn't go amiss.

Till then
Tight lines