Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy New Year!

Better late than never right? OK maybe not quite.
So where have I been? Well right here but the weather has been so crap I could not be bothered dragging my arse about the freezing rocks in high winds and rain for small fish over the winter.
I did get out a few times but the sessions weren't great by a long shot and I didn't fancy reporting a handful of tiny Pollock and whatnot.

Happy bugger ain't I?!

I am at times at odds whether or not to keep blogging, its a bit of a dying medium these days in the midst of Instagram, Facebook and Youtube but maybe I will carry on this year and see how it goes.

I'll commence by reporting a few previously unreported captures and then in later posts report on my recent trip to Fuerteventura with friends Scott and Nick.

So occasionally I have been getting out with my friend Russell Roster from Criccieth Tackle Box, we fish quite different lure styles to be honest but we get on and its good to have a fishing buddy from time to time, in fact I wish so more often.
I usually catch while Russ blanks haha, here's a Jack Pike from one of our sessions on Anglesey;

I also fish with Jon from Blaenau occasionally, most know him as Penn2 from WSF. Last time we were out the conditions were a bit brutal, the sea was very dirty indeed with all the wind-swell and freshwater pouring down the estuaries but we still managed a Flounder each and I winkled out some Blennies and stuff too. 

Not exactly an epic report considering the time since I last posted but things will get better. Spring is nearly upon us and more fish will frequent the shores of my remote locale and I have started to get the buzz back following my trip to the canaries, so coming up will be Rockfish Fuerteventura.

Tight lines dudes and dames!