Sunday, 15 May 2016

A couple of tough sessions

I've had a brutal couple of sessions lately, Ideally I would like to find some larger fish so I have been using more HRF gear as opposed to light game lately but it hasn't gone quite as expected!

The other day I managed to get stranded on a rock in a seriously rookie tide mishap and had to eventually wade my way off, the water was bloody glacial! On the same day I slipped down a rock face and got covered by a freak wave, again, glacial!

Today was less in the way of accidents, the fishing was just strangely and brutally hard and filled with fish I would rather fight on lrf gear. 

Still there are positives hey, the weather has been peachy and my brown skin ain't all bruises. The coast has looked absolutely stunning even if it didn't yield as expected and there is always another day, thats just fishing!

Here's a few pics;