Monday, 30 May 2016

Unfinished business

After losing that big fish on Thursday I wanted to get back uo to Uwchmynydd and see if I could get another.
I stripped off the old line and respooled with some 30lb Asari braid and attached a 30lb YGK leader and selected some jigs from my stash. I mainy used some HTO Shore Jigs, Hart Glazers and some expensive slow jigs from Blue Blue and Zetz/Anglers Republic.
Would you honestly believe that the HTO Shore jig did more damage than jigs costing three times the price? Its bloody true you know!

The average size of fish was actually a lot smaller than my previous session, however it as a nice day and I photographed the largest fish of the session only, which were caught quite early on.

I'd say I still had unfinished business with some lunkers here so I will be back at some point!
I may do on my next day off although I may do something different as the drive is reasonably long and variety always helps keep me alive.

One thing I did notice yesterday seeing as it is half term, is the amount of floating litter being carried on the current from the North beaches like Whistling sands, also a lot of anglers litter including beer packaging on the rocks.
Now if you are a visiting angler reading this post, I ask you please; If you are going to pay your hard earned to come to a truly beautiful place like Wales, please take your shit home with you.
This area is home to some truly stunning wildlife with a delicate ecosystem at play, do not ruin the very thing you came to enjoy by discarding plastics all over the joint!

If you are local and discarding your rubbish in such a way, then bloody shame on you! Cymru am Byth, think about the Cymru you want to leave your grandchildren!

Tight lines