Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mission(s) Accomplished

On Sunday I took my friend Kev out as he wanted to catch his first ever Wrasse and it was the hardest days rockfishing I have had this year! We went to Porth Ysgaden and lost a fish each, Porthor and blanked there too despite a few bites and finally Anelog where Kev got his first Wrasse! He got two actually but he dropped the first and largest in the water before I could get a picture, I got one of the second all the same.

I was very unsatisfied with the session to be frank, the fish were all tiny and I was still gagging for some better Wrasse, so I had hopes for today. I had been watching the forecast and it became clear that Uchmynydd was finally going to be near perfect, wicked!

A fairly light south westerly and a 0.7 foot swell, pretty much spot on for the more dangerous outer reaches.
I had originally intended on using my Rockfish Revolution 7'10" and was going to fish close in, however, I am running really low on 10g cone weights so I decided to take my 9' Hart Boushido 15-60g rod too.
I used the Hart rod most of all in the end, setting up a Carolina rig with a 30g drilled oval weight and some weapons of choice.

High tide Slack and the Wrasse were playing ball!

Bait Breath Key Stick 
OSP Dolive Stick - Bluegill
Dolive stick in a red colour

Dolive Stick - Bluegill
Fishing that deep is awesome and I love it, it takes a bit of effort to wind these buggers up from down there and its one of those places where anything can happen.

After a while the Wrasse switched off and I started catching some small Pollock and Coalies, I  therefore decided to stick a 40g HTO shore jig on in the hope of a decent fish. 
The fish were mainly small so I didn't take pictures aside from my best Coal fish, there actually were more Coalies than Pollock which is highly unusual, but I did say anything can happen.

Then the most annoying thing happened yet, it was awesome at the same time. I cast out my jig and free-spooled to the deck, jigging fairly slowly back towards me when I got slammed, my rod hooped over and the fight was on! I knew very well i had a decent fish on as it didn't want to move.
A tug of war ensued and I started to win the battle, getting the fish higher in the water and away from the snags, then just as I thought to myself "please dont let the hook pull" the fish made another go for it and snapped my braid!
I was just left in disbelief, I really had started to win this tug of war then got beat in the last minute.

I tied on another leader and my last jig but was only getting small fish again, my thoughts started to darken and I felt somewhat depressed. I have never caught a double figure sea fish and felt that this was definitely a double.
Anyway with bad juju coming over me I decided to have a word with myself and then moved, there will be other days and another go!

I moved to a sheltered cove and decided to fish lighter with my Rockfish Revolution 7'10 and targeted the small Wrasse, the tide was much lower now so that is really what becomes available. I certainly felt better, as I do love catching Wrasse.

HTO Midi Stick - Margherita 
Well after a few feisty little ones I decided to finish my session and head back home. My thoughts were a bit more positive and I should be happy anyhow, I set out to catch some better Wrasse and that is what I accomplished, the rest was just bonus. I will be back to that spot again though, as soon as conditions allow!

Thanks for reading and tight lines.