Monday, 10 October 2016

Codling at Criccieth

I couldn't decide exactly what to do today so I figured I'd just head to Criccieth and do a bit of Mackie bashing yet still be in with a chance of a Gurnard a species I still haven't caught yet!

I started off with a Caro rig fishing a HTO Flail on an Aquawave Rockbait head, its a pretty good presentation from the beach as it allows you to get a decent amount of distance yet still keep a light lure close to the deck.
I was getting a few bites here and there and eventually a fish, a tiny fish.


OK, not a Gurnard but Codling are cool and my first of the year. 
I moved along the beach and caught a few Mackerel on the same rig but using a HTO Dagger at the business end.
I briefly met Russell and the regional Savage Gear Rep - Phil who were happily catching some Mackerel for tea.
Russell informed me that the stone jetty was empty, I had avoided it because its usually full of tinsel chuckers, but seeing as it was free I moved around there to access the deeper sandy areas.

It was proper hard to get through the Mackerel to be honest and even when I did my jig was ambushed by Weever and small Pollock.

After about an hour and a half of these and Mackerel I got bored and headed back to my original spot.

I caught more Pollock and Mackerel but also caught some more Codling too, they're quite a novelty for me on lure so I happily took some snaps of those. I really cant be bothered photographing Mackerel, they don't stay still and if you handle them they die, I just grab the hook with my pliers and shake them off. They are a pretty fish and fight well for their size but they aren't the most challenging to catch really.

Anyway here are some micro Cod shots;


Quite a fun afternoon considering the crappy tides, hopefully on the building tides some larger fish might show.

Tight lines.