Thursday, 27 October 2016

Rockfish Lochaline!

I have recently been on a really cool road trip to Scotland, the main reason for the trip was just to catch up with my mate Scott, but being as we are both keen anglers it stands to reason that a fair few fish were caught.

I headed up to Edinburgh on the 17th, my first solo long haul since passing my test believe it or not!
It was great to see Scott and his partner Lillian again, it really didn't seem like it had been so long after some food and drinks though!

The first day of the trip was pretty chilled, we just went Coalie bashing somewhere near St Abbs and then to Dunbar where I met a WSf forum member whom I have often exchanged Pm's with, it was a nice wee starter session.

The real trip was about to start though; Scott had planned out a 4 day trip in the highlands for us, starting at Lochaline and finishing at Loch Etive. 
Lochaline was always planned to be a light game session as there are several species to be had there that are just hard to catch here in Wales and a few I really wanted to tick off, mainly Cuckoo Wrasse, Rockcook Wrasse and Short Spined Sea Scorpion.

Being a bit late in the year bites were a little slow at Lochaline and I used Gulp Fish Fry and even some of Scotts Prawn at times, both rigged on a dropshot rig. Yeah I know prawn ain't lure fishing but getting the fish was more important than technique that day. 

Lochaline from the Pier 
I knew some of the species I wanted would be difficult being a bit late in the year, especially so far North, however I did get my most wanted; my first ever Cuckoo Wrasse, which took a fine fancy to my 1" Berkley Gulp Fish Fry.

I also got a larger one on Prawn and surprisingly even one on an ima slow fall jig!

Here are some other species I caught before a stunning sunset too;

Goldsinny Wrasse
Leopard Spotted Goby
Long Spined Sea Scorpion

During the time Scott and I were Rockfishing, Scott also had a Shorecaster with a stinky bait out too and after a Doggie, Scott landed a nice Thornback Ray on a Sandeel Squid wrap.

A tidy fish from at least 75m down!
Scott obviously caught a great deal of fish including a tidy Ballan Wrasse and you can find a good perspective of the session on his Blog.

After sundown I must admit to finding the Poor cod a real amusement, there was certainly no need for prawn here, they were all over my fish fry like it was going out of fashion! 
I found them a real novelty to be honest, although I know where to catch them in Wales, they aren't really a fish I would travel for, but seeing as I was there it'd be rude not to right?!

Poor Cod are greedy little buggers!
We packed up about 19:30 and headed to the pub for refreshments and a tasty Steak and Ale pie before catching 40 winks at the Lochaline Dive centre. The next day we were heading to Applecross and a wee blog shall follow.

Tight lines.