Sunday, 30 October 2016

Fall Back on Criccieth Beach

Well I hope you all remembered the clocks going back today!

I was up surprisingly early today given that you are supposed to enjoy an extra hour in bed, realistically I should've gone fishing right away but I headed over to Criccieth mid morning.
First port of call was Criccieth Tackle box to pick up some more Slow Jigs  and to catch up with Russell. I stayed a wee while as we were discussing all manner of things from Shore Jig rods to holiday destinations. 
After coffee and lunch which Russell kindly provided, I went down the Marine side of the castle for a spot of light gaming.

First of all I was fishing Gulp and Isome on a 10g Drop Shot rig, fished at range. I started catching pretty much straight away with a nice mix of Dab and small Whiting.

The massive amounts of Whiting became a bit of a nuisance so I switched to using a 7g HTO Fugitive jig, but guess what?
Yep, the Whiting kept coming.

Thankfully the Mackerel also Switched on as the sun fell and the tide rose, I have to say it was some solid Mackerel game with plenty of fish above 25cm. I love it when you cast a jig at maximum range and they just slam it on the drop, I always say it but ,the tinsel chuckers don't know what they are missing out on with these fellas, with the right tackle they are some great sport!
I did try to get some photo's but unless you bang them on the head they just don't stay still.

The Whiting also got better as the sun fell, they ain't so bad as they get a little larger.

HTO lrf lures

All in all it was a damn pleasant afternoons fishing with calm seas and plenty to keep me occupied, the sunset was pretty damn good too.

Tight Lines.