Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A Tough Easters Angling

I have spent the last couple of sessions on the Afon Glaslyn in the search of Sea Trout but it has not been at all easy. In my opinion and with my very limited experience we could use a decent downpour to liven things up some; I did catch one of a couple of pound, but dropped it back in the drink while trying to take a photo.
The rest of the fish besides some small browns were all Smolt, in one sense its nice to see so many juvenile fish in the system but, in another sense they're a pain in the ass. I also wonder what the mortality rate for these fish will really be as, they will likely get hammered by Bass and Gar on their way out and that is even before they encounter any of the multitudes of nets out there at sea.

Tiredness and some bad casting also say me lose two new Duo Spearheads and one Zipbaits Rigge Flat yesterday too and in turn saw me lose my temper in a big way on the bank. Luckily no one was around to see me launch my tackle across the field!

Anyway heres a few pictures I actually did manage to take and/or could be bothered to.

Despite the negatives, it was good to be out and also nice to bump into Mr Hollinshead on the bank.
Nevertheless I think I will leave the trout until some rain has fallen and concentrate my efforts of some Salt games for a while.

Tight Lines