Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Bed and Buried

Life kind of got in the way of my original plans to visit Uwchmynydd today and I ended up in Criccieth visiting my favourite local Tackle shop for a chinwag and lunch before a wee session on the beach and jetty. 
I arrived with the idea of flinging some jigs and twitching some plugs to see if anything was showing yet and went with that for a very short time. I just wasn't feeling it though; neap tides, a chilly breeze and some chop on, it just didn't feel quite right.
I figured I would try for some demersal species over the sand and around the reef so I went with a simple size 10 dropshot rig with 1" Gulp! Fish Fry.
It was actually part surprising and part predictable; I was firstly surprised not to pick up anything around the rougher ground, I genuinely thought I would pick up a Sea Scorpion or a small Wrasse but not even a touch!
I was also a little surprised at the amount of Dab still about, I caught a fair few. Of course the predictable part was the annoying amount of Lesser Weevers scurrying out of their sandy lairs, still I doubt it's the last I will see of those this year so I may as well get used to it.

Flatfish I can catch all day mind, they're pretty cool and nice to photograph, I hope you agree.

I think I may target Flatties again soon, we haven't seen a Turbot on here for a while so that sounds good but we shall see.

Tight lines