Sunday, 30 April 2017

Wild and Windy With a High Chance of Rainbows

It was blowing an absolute hoolie today and a bloody strong easterly too. This put to bed my first idea  for some rockfishing on the peninsula, I didn't really want to be struggling up there after a good hour or so drive. I therefore decided to stay local and fish for Trout once more.

I visited Tecwyn Uchaf first but boy it was cold up there! I didn't venture too far around the lake, I figured the food and fish would end up on the west end anyhow, being as the wind was blowing fierce to that end, it seemed as though I was right too as third cast in I had a small Rainbow in the net.

I hooked and lost three more and landed another of similar size too. I was honestly hoping to get some brownies but both the wind and Rainbows got the better of me and I headed off to Cooks Dam to get some shelter and try for some wild fish there. 

One thing more noticeable than Tecwyn Uchaf is how low the water is just now, we have had so little rain through April, things just seem weird.
The fishing was a little tougher at the Dam but eventually I did get some Brownies on the Duo Spearhead Ryuki 50S, they were quite the acrobats today too!

Though there was nothing epic I feel quite satisfied with that little session, I do however desperately need a decent full on salt fix soon! I do really enjoy fishing for Trout but I am even starting to miss the small Pollock now, lets hope I can get on it soon!

Tight Lines for now.