Sunday, 23 April 2017

Slobby Sunday

During my visit to Criccieth Tackle Box on Thursday, Russell and I planned to meet today for a session on the Glaslyn and I have much been looking forward to it.
We met about 6:30 this morning armed with an arsenal of Trout minnows and light lure rods. 

First off I opted for the HTO Rockfish Revolution Tubular 5-20g and Shimano Complex 2500HGS just incase I wanted to throw some larger lures. 
The rod took some getting used to actually, I am so used to using my Rock Rover for this kind of thing and the heavier, longer rod just felt strange.

As we made our way upstream, casting and retrieving with every pace, the fishing was quiet and in the back of my mind I thought we may struggle. However, we eventually we stopped at a meander pool where, I got the first take lasting about two seconds before the fish was off again. Almost immediately Russell hooked up too and landed a nice feisty yellow-bellied "slob Trout" and soon followed with another two fish!

I clipped on a newly received Jackson Kanade 50S and cast to the far bank, gave two short, sharp twitches and got a good bang and solid hookup. A short but decent scrap ensued before my first fish was banked for a photo.

We then decided to move and fish a different section of river, I feel this was a good move too as we spotted quite a few fish patrolling the margins. I opted for my HTO Rock Rover, Daiwa Luvias combo for this stretch, I just prefer this setup for Trout Minnow twitching. 
Getting the fish to take was not so easy and even when they did take we both lost fish, Russell even lost a proper nice one as the fish went acrobatically airborne! 
Persevering we started getting a regular amount of smaller fish.

I athen managed a pretty decent one that didn't half go!

The day was shaping up beautifully; the weather was so good, the scenery stunning and the company was OK too.

after working that stretch downstream and back up again, we made our way further upstream once more. As we made our way up we were catching small fish with some regularity until we reached a beautiful section where some trees provided some good looking cover over deep margins.

Twiching my Jackson Kanade upstream I got a proper hit once more and hooked a feisty fish in the now pushing current. This fish was fighting well but, I had managed to secure a decent hook hold and with some patience I got this fat, beautifully spotted Yellow belly to the bank.

Well all I can say is I was so pleased, it had been a thoroughly enjoyable session, just check our backdrop alone!

By now though we were growing tired and decided to head off home, on the way back I stopped at another section upstream for a look. I didn't have a single touch and I really didn't care so much, its was just nice to be out and about on such a glorious day.

Check out the scenery once again and also the multitudes of fry in the margins, you can see why the small lures work so well;

What a good and memorable day, I really feel privileged to live here on days like today!

I must end with a big thanks to both Russell of Criccieth Tackle Box and Arwyn of Penrhyn Tackle and Guns for helping me experience this cracking day.

Tight Lines.