Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Getting Jiggy.

I have only managed a couple of sessions of late as I have been away in Suffolk for my Brothers wedding (which was awesome). The first session I had was just over a week ago and was with my good friend Scott, I have not written a report for that but you can read Scotts here.

Today (Wednesday) I arrived at work to find out that my day off had been rescheduled without my knowledge. Ordinarily I would have been quite annoyed, but as it happened I had something to do in town and it was a nice sunny day. So after tying up a bit of business in town, I headed home and sorted out my light game gear for a short session.

The session started off quite hard and all I was only catching Weever Fish. Though they are better than not catching at all, I am not enjoying them so much as it may be only a matter of time before I get stung.
They are really wriggly and at times a pain to unhook!
However, as the tide started to slacken off a bit I did get a good take on my Yoshikawa Jig and after a short fight I landed a School Bass.

Yamaga Blanks Blue Current


I had expected things to kick off a little after this fish, however, despite trying a variety of tactics and lures I was still having a tough time. I was still hooking up on Weever, but nothing to make my drag sing a little.
Seeing as I had walked a fair way to the mark, I decided to stick it out knowing as the sun and tide dropped I would get into some fish.
I was right of course.

Bass Fishing North Wales

LRF Bass

Bass Fishing Gwynedd

Lures for Bass

All of the fish were taken on the 7g Yoshikawa Jig in either the Sardine pattern or the black pattern. The largest Bass was just 44cm.

The third Bass of the session also had some strange markings on its tail section, I am unsure what may have caused this, maybe a gill net, what do you think?

Before I left for home I had one more fish, which I am very chuffed about. I was actually reeling the jig in very fast and it was really just skimming the surface, when i got hit by a Garfish.

Many people do not like to catch Garfish and I cannot for the life of me work out why? They are very fast, they fight well, they jump all over the show and quite honestly I think they look awesome. Sure they smell a little, but in my mind if an angler objects to the smell of fish then he or she has the wrong hobby, they are brilliant things and some serious sport on the light stuff!
This one measured 66cm on the ruler.
The Garfish also took quite a while to revive for release which I found strange. For a moment I thought it would have to come home for tea. Eventually, with a little help from the current it swam off looking in reasonably good shape.

I wish I could have stayed out longer and fished into darkness, but unfortunately I have work in the morning. Never the less I returned home satisfied enough and I tell you the best £2.60 I have ever spent was on the Yoshikawa jig!

Thanks for reading and tight lines.