Monday, 10 June 2013

Quickie after work.

With the weather due to turn nasty tomorrow I decided to pop out after work with the BLC-80. The sea was crystal clear and flat calm, beautiful but not exactly how I like it.
I was fishing my Turbot mark and Turbot is what I was targeting. Sadly I missed the hook up on just one Turbot, I was mainly catching Weever fish and caught a personal best of a whopping 15cm!

There was the odd Sea Trout jumping, but I couldn't see much signs of anything else. However as darkness fell, I hooked up on another little schoolie which put a nice little bend in my Blue Current and made my Biomaster sing a little. I have to say I love this set up, the BLC-80 just bends so nicely into a fish and is  an absolute joy to play on. 
Anyway, heres a photo of my school Bass;

Harlech Fishing

It was a pleasant evening and a nice way to end the day, I feel I am really enjoying my fishing just now and just hope that improves.

Cheers and tight lines!