Thursday, 13 June 2013

Shimano Sustain 2500FG.

I decided to brave the weather this afternoon as I wanted to try out a new toy. I had however  underestimated the wind speed and it was hard controlling my lures in such conditions.

I really thought there would be some decent Bass about but sadly, if there was, I could not find them. I did see the biggest Turbot I have ever seen on my shores though, I'd estimate it at around 5-6lb and it was sitting in no more than 30cm of water! I would love to catch that on my Blue Current!

Anyway, I did sort of get to test my new toy, although I just didn't get a fish to test it properly.

The Shimano Sustain 2500FG.

Shimano Sustain

I must say I am suitably impressed with it. Loading it up earlier today with Sunline Momentum 4x4 PE 1.0, I was really impressed with the line lay straight out of the box, I didn't have to do the usual messing about with washers. 
It feels a very sturdy reel and it runs very smoothly (having 8 bearings plus the roller bearing), I just can't wait to test the drag, I do not anticipate there being any problems there, Shimano are well reputed for having the best drags available. 
The reel also looks mint on my Megabass XOR Shadow XX SXX-85L, well these things are important you know!

I'm sure I will get on with the Sustain though, as I am and always have been a bit of a Shimano fan.

On my way back home today I found something I wish I could have taken with me, it must have washed up from somewhere during these high winds and rough seas.

A boat would surely help me get to the fish! Oh well, I emptied the water and re-plugged it. It's probably afloat now and drifting off to new shores.

Tight lines all!