Sunday, 9 June 2013

Schoolies out for Summer!

There are two things I have been wanting to do for a while now, one was to do a sunrise session and the other to get a 50+ cm Bass for my Lure Forum team. I figured the two could go hand in hand realistically as my best Bass have always come at or just after Sunrise on 4-5m tides.
With that in mind I left my house at 1:45 last night and arrived at my mark just after 3:00. It's the first time I have fished this mark early morning and it was strange how different it looked under the light conditions, almost scary.

I left my light game gear at home this time and took my regular Bassing gear in the hope of landing a bigger fish. I started off fishing using a Megabass Cutter 90 and could occasionally feel Bass sucking at it on the retrieve, yet no hook ups. I chopped and changed lures often and varied my retrieves, with no success. This is not how the session went in my mind before hand!
In fact the sun was well risen when I had my second take on my ZipBaits Fakie Dog, I had barely started to retrieve when a little schoolie hit it.

It wasn't quite what I was after but, at least I had beat the blank and broke in a new lure!
It really wasn't long before I came to terms with the fact I wasn't going to get my fish for the team. With the fish being small again, I switched to my trusty jigs and landed another four Bass.
The largest was 46cm and actually put up quite a fight, in fact as small as they all were, they were all  quite aggressive.

Fishing North Wales

Light Game Bass

Bass Fishing North Wales

The fishing died off so I took the opportunity for a bite to eat and a couple of hours sleep on the shore. Having not slept and walking a few miles I was absolutely beat.

When I woke from my slumber  the tide had started to retreat and so I fished a little more. I caught another small Bass and a Garfish.

Fishing Harlech

I did fish on for another hour or so and despite being able to see Bass, I could not get them to take my lures. I put it down to the bright conditions. 
I do hope I am able to get a decent fish for my team soon.

All in all though I am quite pleased with the Bass season so far, especially in comparison to 2012!
There's plenty of time yet and there are a few large girls coming out around our shores, lets just hope I can be in the right place at the right time.

Thanks for reading and tight lines!