Thursday, 20 June 2013

Proving my Metal.

I'm not going to lie to you, I have had a difficult time with the fishing of late. I have had three blanks in a row! Well when I say blanks, I mean I haven't managed to land my target species, Bass.
I have had about a million Weever, which are becoming the bane of my life just now. The average size seems to be bigger and they seem even more intent on stinging me.

As you probably know by now, my day off of work is a Thursday and after finishing work yesterday I was intent on a session. I checked Met Office on the way home and they gave it rain for today, so I decided to head out at night after some dinner.
I left my house at 12:30am and arrived at my mark around 2:00. 
You don't half learn a lot about yourself  when alone on the shore at night, it can be somewhat scary!

I started off fishing lures like the Megabass Cutter and ima Aldente. From there I tried all manner of lures and although I had one missed hit on my Fakie Dog Downsize and a tug or two on a Savage Gear Slug, I had no fish. 
After a couple of hours I grew a little despondent and tired, I found myself a nice little nest in the dunes and had a nap. I woke up freezing, but after a Tuna sandwich and a Snickers bar I took to the shore again.
The tide was ebbing and it was now well light. I clipped on my 7g Yoshikawa jig and cast up current, with smooth lifts I let it bounce down. On the retrieve I had a good thump on my rod and line started peeling off my new Sustain. I became quite surprised by the amount of line going out and I therefore tightened up to put the hurt on!
After a fairly admirable fight, I landed a fairly nice Bass.

Bass on Casting jigs

Here's a ruler shot.

60cm, that'll do nicely!
And a bad self timed "glory" shot.

Bass Lures

Well I was and am very pleased to get one at last for my team, I do hope to beat it but I feel as though the pressure is off a bit now. Of course I am pleased anyway, for a while it looked like a long walk and little sleep for nothing!

I fished on for a while, bat sadly I have nothing else to report. Well other than those little jigs are awesome and are definitely now well proven!

I'll finish the report with a picture of the release;

Tight lines.