Monday, 28 July 2014

Road Trippin' Day 1 - Weymouth

After enjoying my session at Swanage so much last year with my friend Scott and with our Menorca trip still a little way off, myself and Scott intended to get a summer break away back in Dorset.
A plan was hatched to stay in Weymouth and fish there, Swanage and Brixham over four days including travelling.
I had personal targets I wanted to achieve and we also set ourselves a joint target of twenty species for the trip.
Sunday the 20th July, I packed my gear and headed off on the train to meet Scott at Crewe, where we would then complete our journey to Weymouth.

Upon arrival we were both itching to stretch our legs and catch some fish, so after checking in to our hotel we fished the Pleasure Pier in Weymouth, where we were also joined by Andy Mytton.
It was a pleasure to meet Andy and we had a bit of a laugh as well as comparing tackle and displaying a bit of tartiness.

Fishing dropshot and splitshot rigs we ambled around and between us we caught twelve species that day I think.
I was incredibly pleased to finally catch my first Goldsinny Wrasse, here's me on the hunt;

A golden moment deserves a kiss!
I also caught my first Tompot Blenny of the year too;

We were also catching Pollock, Pouting, Black Goby, Black Bream, Rock Goby, Corkwing Wrasse, Ballan Wrasse, Common Blenny, Sand smelt and Leopard Spotted Goby.
Well to tell the truth I was a tiny bit disappointed as I didn't catch some of those including a Black Bream which I desperately wanted, Scott and Andy just proved better at it on the day!

Here's a few pictures I took;

Black Goby 
If there's Blennies about, Scott will find them!
Leopard Spotted Goby 
Another Goldsinny for me
It was an enjoyable start and we had made good head way on our targets already, I just had to now catch a Bream and a Scad and we had to catch eight more species to reach our joint target.
Stay tuned for the Swanage report.