Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Road Trippin' Day 3 - Brixham

Weymouth and Swanage I have fished before yet its always nice to try somewhere new, its even nicer to catch somewhere new!
I would say, although the fishing remained hard going and a small issue with a parking meter that saw me lose my temper, Brixham was my favourite day of our trip.

We started off fishing the breakwater mainly using Dropshot rigs and before I had even set up Scott was into fish, the first species landed and another to add to our tally was a small Scad!

 photo IMG_4152.jpg

I was extremely encouraged by this as I had never caught a Scad before and I therefore hoped to get one of my own. However, on the Breakwater and during broad daylight this proved not to be, I did however manage some other fish and on HTO Knight Worms!

Poor Cod
Poor Cod
Goldsinny Wrasse
After a while of catching a lot of Goldsinny (the place is rammed with them!), Blennies and small Pollock we decided to walk to Berry Head and fish some deeper water.

We had heard that this disused quarry was one hundred foot deep and we thought it would hold a variety of species.

Upon arrival, the ledge was full of people chucking feathers for Mackerel and some oriental chaps had been there fishing since four in the morning! Thats dedication for you, especially as they didn't have a great deal to show for it.
We were also greeted by another kind of "fisherman";

We didn't half laugh, as we were told by a fella the night before, that the reason Swanage was fishing so badly was because; "theres a seal in the Bay". You kind of had to be there as the bloke was an odd sort of chap!

Initially I was using Jigs to try and catch Pollock, Mackerel and Scad and it soon became apparent that the water was no where near 100ft deep!
I was still quite shocked at the lack of fish however, as it was certainly deep enough to hold plenty with some good surrounding structure.

I switched to a Caro rig, opting for a AquaWave Straight and a 0.6g AquaWave head at the business end (distributed by Tronixpro) and before long caught a Mackerel. I lost one straight after and then my hopes came to fruition with my first Scad.

Mad dog and Englishman!

I also caught a Pollock and some Sand Smelt on the same rig;

Viva Aqua Wave

Viva AquaWave

Meanwhile Scott was catching some fish on his Dropshot rig and caught us another specie for the tally - a Long Spined Sea Scorpion.

Brixham Brown!
As the tide ebbed and the sun fell, I switched back to Jigs and fished a back eddy that had been created by the ebbing current and the headland, to my delight I caught something unexpected!

Scott wouldn't allow it to count towards the species list, but I was made up nonetheless, I have never seen one before and it was awesome watching it rapidly changing colours and inking on release.

I also caught Mackerel and another Scad before we left and boy were we spoilt by the weather! Again we had a super relaxing day!

HTO Shore Jig
HTO Shore Jig


Tight lines!