Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Rockfish Fuerteventura! - Part four

Sunday was another lazy start for us, we had wanted to get up early and fish the dawn for bigger stuff but the rain and tiredness of the better of us.
When we finally surfaced and after some breakfast we headed up to Corralejo for a walk about and some lunch. We had wanted to fish the outer rocks of the breakwater but would have been risking our lives to do so, still lunch was good and a wee walk along the marina was quite nice.

Funky Grouper art
Lanzarote in the distance from Corralejo

From Corralejo we headed to El Cotillo and fished alongside some locals who were catching some big White Bream on Crab and Prawn. 
We didn't get into anything near that size unfortunately neither did we have the sufficient weight to hold bottom, there was quite a bit of swell entering the harbour through a narrow channel where the larger fish seemed to be held up.

Small Bream, Wrasse and whatnot were on the cards here and Nick even caught a small Zebra bream which is a new one on me!

I also caught a Dusky Grouper which was on my most wanted list as Grouper fight well for their size and are just damn cool. I knew I'd get one here for some reason.

A Small White Bream 
A Bastard Grunt
My first Emerald Wrasse 
My Dusky Grouper
Scotts Black Scorpion 
Nick's Zebra Bream
After some time we decided to head back due to the rain coming in, we also decided on a night out for dinner and Rum.

Nick, Myself and Scott
A well deserved Havana Club no5 and Coke

Great way to end any day and I finally got my big Bream just not on the bank but on a plate with Baby squid and Banana Flambé either side!

Tight lines.