Monday, 7 March 2016

Rockfish Fuerteventura! - Part two

Friday 26th Feb and I woke up feeling a bit worse for wear, seriously burned and my head was wet with weeping sores. I had never been burned so much in my life and its a stark lesson to not be so stupid in the future. Anyhow the show had to go on!

At first light we fished the salt museum area in Caleta de Fuste which became known as "the Salty Gaff". Our hopes were for Bonito, Bluefish and Barracuda yet all I caught were Lizard fish which took my 40g jigs in the swell. I quite like this type of fishing nonetheless, I really like blasting big and heavy stuff and I know full well that in this part of the world decent fish don't come easy so I wasn't overly bothered with the missed target. 
I don't think Scott enjoys it so much though and after some time I did agree that it seemed a bit futile and we headed west, dropping to light game styles again.

Puertito De Los Molinos and Ajuy were out ports of call before heading south to Gran Tarajal. We were trying to find areas that lent themselves to light line angling but the swells had effected most of the Island and the wind speed was increasing. Nevertheless we found some fish.

A Small Derbio I caught on a Shout Dangan mame 5g
An Azores Damsel Fish and a new species for me.
Common Two Banded Sea Bream 
I loves the File Fish

A Common Comber
Macronesian Sharpnose puffer and another new species.
Puffers are a bit of a pain in the ass, they wreck your soft lures like nothing else yet on the other hand they are quite amusing to catch. I had two varieties though only photo's of the one above, the second was the Guinean Puffer. I also didn't photograph any of the hundreds of Ornate Wrasse and Painted comber I seemed to catch, they just get boring after one or two.

After heading back to the digs I pretty much hit the sack right away that night, Sun Stoke had gotten me and we all thought I may need medical attention by this time so we stayed local again for the first part on Saturday.
I think we were all suffering a bit though, I just seemed to get the worst of it being quite blistered.

Stay tuned for more small fish :D

Tight lines!