Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Rockfish Fuerteventura! - Part three

On Saturday I kinda thought it maybe wise to get some medical attention for my dome so we fished locally in the morning in a spot where you ain't supposed to, but it was early and there was no one about so who cares.

I get really bored of dropshotting at times, actually most of the time, so I decided to fish metals again. Nick was punching out some larger stuff for Barracuda and the like and Scott was hitting the Dropshot. We did see a lazy Barracuda but unfortunately Nick did not connect, Scott was bagging up while things remained slow for me. 
I cannot deny that Dropshotting is an insanely effective technique and especially with gulp, I just find its annoying and if I'm to be a bit snobby - not very skilful. 

Anyhow I did manage to catch some fish, albeit small stuff still.

Greater Weeverfish on an Ecogear vibe bait
Look at those gnashers!
You can see above why fishing larger soft-lures is a bit futile and brutally expensive, these Puffers are everywhere and make short work of most lures.

After a trip to the Pharmacy and the shop to get me a Buff type thing we headed back to the digs for a chill. Nick had decided to take the afternoon off whilst myself and Scott headed down to Tarajalejo and fished a small pier for a bit. 
Actually it was well funny there as the resident chipmunks kept trying to raid our bags in the hope of some lunch, cheeky little critters!
The fishing was a bit sub-par, but we had spotted a sheltered rocky outcrop over the bay and decided to try there, it was pretty good actually and just a good laugh. File fish seemed to be present in quite numbers which I really liked. Filefish do fight well and the occasional one game me something of a run around.

Well all in all it was a chilled but pretty kool day. That night wasn't exactly epic all the same as the wind seemed to get up some and we had a bit of rain, it reminded me far too much of Wales and the fishing was crap too. Ah well, always tomorrow right?

Stay tuned for more and tight lines.