Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Rockfish Fuerteventura! - The round up

Wednesday morning was our last stint on the volcanic rock of Fuerteventura, We had all but given up on the big stuff and finished with yet more light game with an Annular Sea bream being my last fish.

We watched the chipmunks fight and play while we fished away, just nice and chilled.

Well the trip had its ups and downs in a big way, it was a laugh but wasn't without incident. Burns, stings, falls and missed targets yet on the flip-side; friends, warmth, sun and some fun to be had.

I liked some of Fuerteventura but it wasn't among my favourite destinations; the landscape is although interesting is quite arid. Some parts look run down yet I really liked the artistic side of the island and I wish I could've got some decent shots of the wall art, some of it was really clever indeed.

I also think if I went again I would actually do more Bait fishing at night for Angel Shark, Round Stingray and the like, even live-baiting some of the small stuff would have increased our chances of the Bonito and whatnot I think.
We did talk to some people who had been thrashing the water for a week with jigs and large minnows yet only had one Bonito, for me that just isn't worth the trip, hence the light game antics.
I get that you have to put time in but the conditions I feel were less than favourable for lure, but 25 degrees or not its still winter there too!

On the whole any fishing tip is a good trip especially when you have good mates with you right?!

Tight lines.