Monday, 23 July 2012

Corking Corkwing!

Since I received my new Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 74, I have been itching to give it a whirl. Firstly however, I needed a new reel to go with it and of course some braid. I teamed the rod with a Shimano Biomaster 1000FB, loaded with YGK G-Soul 0.6 PE.

So with the rest of the setup arriving, I decided on a trip to the North of the Lleyn Peninsula.
Upon arrival there was quite a south westerly wind blowing and the tide rising. The wind is less than ideal when fishing light, but it's not impossible.

I started fishing with the faithful ima Trilobite rigged on a Decoy head, flipping into a known gully. I jigged lightly and  it was but a few minutes until I got a positive take, a short scrap and Pollock landed.

The rod, feeling so light and delicate is anything but in action and bends so nicely into a fish, though it has more than enough power to handle fish like this.

I thought I would get plenty of fish today but it was quite a hard going day to say the least. Ordinarily I would have caught a lot of fish from this gully alone, yet I had no more action there.
I saw a friend and his mate across the way and went to say hello and fished near them for a while. It became a really hard time as these guys were fishing HRF and were pulling out Wrasse after Wrasse, yet I could not get any action regardless of what tactics I employed.
I did manage the odd Pollock on 3" Senko's and Jackall Mebaru Bushi's and the guys were in amazement at how much the Blue Current bent. I think they were also a little amazed that I managed to get the fish in on gear so light. I am so impressed with how wieldy the rod is, it flips very easily and casts very well indeed.

Amidst their Wrasse action, I did manage a small Ballan myself on you guessed it, an ima Trilobite.

As the tide receded I fished some small gullies and channels. Getting some good bites, a good take and my first ever Corkwing Wrasse, I was absolutely delighted.

A really beautiful fish with stunning coloration and quite a good one I am told. He also took the ima Trilobite.

Moving around a little I scored a few more Pollock before switching to a 0.5g head with a size 12 hook and a piece of Gulp Sandworm. Hunting the mini species, I scored some micro Pollock and some more Corkwing before wrapping up my session.

What started off as a hard going session, really wasn't fruitless and, in fact, was quite enjoyable! It was so nice to use the new rod and so far I am impressed. The tip is really sensitive and it was easy to detect the tiniest of bites. The rod really does cast well, both in terms of accuracy and distance and on hookup, the rod just bends so nicely into a fish. There is plenty of power to take control and bring the fish in and  I would expect it to be more than capable of landing the odd bonus fish.
I am also very impressed with the reel and though not quite as smooth as the Rarenium, it has a very sturdy feel and really good drag. I am now very much looking forward to the chance to get out again and hopefully add to my slowly progressing species tally.
I think next time though, I may take a heavier setup also and hopefully get into some of those bigger Wrasse I so crave.

Until then though, tight lines.