Monday, 30 July 2012

Session of 6

I have been looking forward to these two weeks off work for sometime and had been hoping for some good fishing. However today (Monday) is probably the only chance I will get this week, I therefore  went to the Peninsula for a species hunt.
Again it was not an easy day, there as quite a wind blowing and the sea was choppy. I must admit to craving those sticky days with calmer seas.
I took my Son Daran with me today, so spent quite a while sorting out tangles and re-tying leaders.

From the off set things were looking quite good, my son winkled out a small Pollock straight away and though it was his first rockfish he refused to have his Photo taken, as he was embarrassed by the size.
Here's a photo of him fishing;

I then set up my Blue Current with an ima Trilobite at the business end and was soon into a Ballan Wrasse. It really did fight very well and it was a moment of pure joy as I hauled him back from the kelp bed below. The fish took a fair bit of line and it was the best fight I have had yet on the new setup.

Daran kindly offered to take a photo.

Porthoer fishing

I really thought more would follow, but I wasn't getting any more action. I switched to a split shot rig with a size 14 hook and joined my Son for a spot of rock pool fishing. Daran was finding it very frustrating as the Blennies kept Biting but would not hook up. I tried telling him to be a little more patient but he gave up for a while.

I had a few Blennies and a Leopard Spotted Goby.

Fishing Llyn Peninsula

 We decided to move and fish a gully, both of us opting for the ima Trilobite on a decoy head in the hope of Wrasse. For some reason there was not the quantities of Wrasse biting I am used to and we kept getting snagged on weed. After a fair few snap offs Daran decided to give it a rest and had a bite to eat as he watched Spiderman on his phone. I would have rather he kept fishing, but in all fairness it was a slow session, hopefully it hasn't put him off for good.

I switched to a Power Isome on my decoy head and managed a Sea Scorpion, probably my favourite rockfish species.

Check out the colour of his underside, quite stunning!

fishing LLyn Peninsula

From almost the same spot, then came a Corkwing Wrasse. Species number 5.

As the tide rose I had some more Ballan action, again on the watermelon ima Trilobite;

The last move of the session proved to be tough for a time, I lost a good Wrasse due to a severed leader and had a lot of missed bites. The severed leader incident, meant A fish got away with a 3" Senko still attached to its mouth and though it doesn't happen often, this troubles me quite a bit.

Staying with the texas rig though, I rigged up a 6" Red Gulp! Sandworm and was soon into fish again.
I ended up with a few Pollock to finish a six species session. 

Whistling Sands Fishing

Hopefully by next week the wind will have died and we shall have some calmer weather. I would like to take the lad out again and have promised to take him somewhere a little easier. Although I felt for him and wished he had have persisted, he still seemed to enjoy the day out, so not at all bad really.
Personally I learnt a lot today and the lessons have got me thinking about how to improve as an angler and guide to my Son. Though as I'm sure you know, its not about the knowledge, its about the practice! We'll see how that goes.

Tight lines all!