Thursday, 12 July 2012

Improvement and upgrade.

I'm loving my afterwork lrf sessions at the moment, its a nice way of shaking the dust off at the end of the day.
Wednesday was a mixed bag all the same and a little frustrating. I lost two Bass and one of them was a belter. She hit hard and went like a train, but when I tried to turn her, the hook on my Cultiva Mebaru shot bent right out. Easily would have been a personal best for me and lost it partly because of a naff jig head, I wouldn't recommend those to anyone.
After tying on an ima Turtlehead and a Gulp fish fry I hooked a second Bass of about 40cm. I played it to the shallows and when I grabbed the leader, the hook popped out of the Bass's mouth and off he swam. I was a little peeved and even more so as the action had gone dead, I must have spooked them.

I did however get some more Weever and another Turbot which was an improver for me, he gave a good account of himself to. I did not consider the Turbot as a consolation prize, but a brilliant predator in its own right, I was quite chuffed and somewhat balanced the scales on loosing the Bass.

Berkley Gulp Fish Fry

Berkley Gulp Fish Fry

These short sessions are really helping me with my watercraft and teaching me to think outside the box at times too, all good stuff!

Today was quite exciting too, as I took ownership of a new rod. A replacement and upgrade for my broken Major Craft  Solpara. It looks and feels lovely, so light in the hand and I cannot wait to take her on her maiden voyage.
Here she is, a Yamaga  Blanks Blue Current 74 purchased from The Art of Fishing;

Very much looking forward to using it and all being well I shall report on how I get on with it soon.

Till then, tight lines!