Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sun and Schoolies

Today was a beautiful days fishing in the sun.
I went to a fairly regular mark for my Bass fishing and arrived on the rising tide. The water was calm and serene, really clear and perfect for a bit of top water fun.
I set up my Megabass rod and clipped on a Patchinko 100 in 500G. I love this little lure, its just so neat and casts a mile.
Working the lure I was getting a few rises and eventually I had a short take, I say short because the fish threw the hooks. I was not happy with myself.

Things went a little pear shaped for a while, due to some people I have had a bit of a run in with before. A Small boat with maybe six people in, decided to fish right in my swim and were free-lining shrimp on fly gear. I was not best pleased and when I saw they had a hook up, I cast over their lines and landed their fish for them. They still didn't get the hint, so I made life a little difficult for them until they left.
I just do not understand why they just couldn't have fished the many other marks available in the area and shown me some courtesy, some people are just unbelievable.

Anyway, having my space back again I felt content and I was able to land a few Schoolies.

Shell Island Fishing

Harlech Fishing

I lost a few too, three throwing the hooks and two took a run into weed, they snagged me and slipped the hooks in the process.
I also caught another that didn't make the photo shoot, I slipped on a rock and released the fish prematurely. 
An enjoyable session though and so exhilarating taking fish off the top. It doesn't get much better than taking them off the top as far as lure fishing goes.

During the session I also foul hooked this very small Garfish.

Shame to foul hook a fish, but it happens every so often. A stunning looking predator though and is the reason I thought I'd include it. Many times I've had large Gar on, yet lost them at my feet and I feel I have a score to settle with them soon.

This evening I also went out, this time taking the LRF gear, I only had a load more Weever. I suppose its still good to catch, but they are putting my local beach species hunt on hold for a bit I think and I shall concentrate on other areas. 
I finished a cracking day with a beautiful Sunset; 

And so ends my report of a memorable day.

Tight lines 'til next time.